A Bunnyland Easter
Featuring - "The Easter Bunny Song"
Can You Imagine Christmas Without Carols?
Why Should Easter Be Different?
Now, You Can Bring That Festive Magic To Easter!

It's An Easter Celebration Featuring
"The Easter Bunny Song"

Imagine the fun your children will have
awaiting the arrival of "The Easter Bunny" as they listen to this delightful, new, collection of songs celebrating the joy and magic of Easter.

Add excitement and energy to this Easter with our friends "Hoppity-Hop", "Rappin Rabbit", Dream-A-Lot", and the "SnuggleBunnies".

Watch your children's imaginations run free
as "The SnuggleBunnies" thoroughly charm you and quickly become part of your Holiday Traditions

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"The SnuggleBunnies"
Plush Toy Gift Set

Each Gift Set Comes With -
1 SnuggleBunny Plush Toy
1 SnuggleBunny CD (your choice)
1 SnuggleBunny Colouring Book
1 Certificate Of Adoption
1 Parents Handbook

Visit Our "Meet The SnuggleBunnies" Page
To Vote For And Email Us With
Your Favourite SnuggleBunny.

Welcome To Bunnyland Songs
(Free Safety Song)
Meet The
Snuggle Bunnies
Games And
Coloring Pages
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"The SnuggleBunnies" Plush Toy Gift Set
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