"Don't Talk To Strangers"
A Free Children's Safety Song - Courtesy Of The SnuggleBunnies
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 "Rappin' Rabbit" reminds us that even though people might seem to be very nice, we should always keep our distance, use caution and avoid contact.
Better safe than sorry!

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Don't Talk To Strangers

Walking down the street   You never know who you might meet
  They might seem quite nice   Even offer you a treat
But don’t you go to them   Listen to what I have to say
  If they speak to you   Quickly turn and run away

Don’t talk to strangers   Don’t get in their car
  ‘Cause they might seem very nice  
But we don’t know who they are
      No we don’t know who they are

Playing at the park   Here is something you should know
  Never leave your friends   Just cause someone says "hello"
They might seem quite nice   They might seem like lots of fun
  But if they talk to you   Turn and shout and quickly run

You’re growing more and more each day
   So don’t get caught alone
      With someone who is watching while you play

Anywhere you go   Anywhere that you might be
  Here’s a golden rule   You can follow easily
Keep your parents near   They’re the ones who love you dear
  They’ll know what to do   If a stranger should appear

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