"Welcome To Bunnyland"
Educational Music Your Children Will Love!
Your Children Will Be Having Too Much Fun,
To Realize They're Learning!!!

Join the "SnuggleBunnies" for an entertaining collection of fun-filled, up-tempo, educational songs, presented in a variety of styles. Topics include school, counting, the alphabet, and trying your best.  Concepts also include friendship, sharing, and imagination.
The "SnuggleBunnies" have been waiting to meet you and become friends.  You see, making friends is very important in Bunnyland.
  A good friend makes your life happier and you can never have too many friends.
The SnuggleBunnies are similar in some ways, but they also celebrate their differences.  The things that make us different, can bring us closer together!

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"The SnuggleBunnies"
Plush Toy Gift Set

Each Gift Set Comes With -
1 SnuggleBunny Plush Toy
1 SnuggleBunny CD (your choice)
1 SnuggleBunny Colouring Book
1 Certificate Of Adoption
1 Parents Handbook

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